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One of our service is delivering quality design projects to our community. We are the people resposible in handling most of the displays of the local municipality. We provide event displays, department identity designs like ID cards, letterheads, business cards and more. Professionalism, relevance and overall aesthetics of our designs can be reviewed below. As a new feature recently launched we will try to provide quality and fast designing & print services as we progress to more developments.

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Mauban eLearningVille was recognized as one of the 2012 Community eCenter Innovators for its pioneering effort to innovative who has introduced unique services to its community through its work on the Online Health Counselling Service.

The birth of the Online Health Counselling was an answer to the needs of women in the community. It is believed that women do not prioritize budget for their health and it is the least of their priorities this is most especially in the case of mothers. However, to give equal access on men and women, it has been decided that the online counseling service be given to both gender.

This is another innovative feature that we have introduced as part of the priority projects for Women. This will facilitate a private consultation with a medical specialist from the Asian Hospital using the internet connection to allow live video conferencing for better assessments, interventions and evaluation. Specialist's availability is posted for patients who will plan to set an appointment. When there are laboratory exams needed, it is being referred to the Rural Health Unit or at the Quezon Medical Center then results are being sent to the online doctor in-charge of consultation / counselling services. 

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A private consultation with a tecnical staff from the RAMTRONIX using live video conferencing for better assessments, interventions and evaluation.

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